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Brewing A Story

Here at the Wellington we have collaborated with John Nash at Two Rivers Brewery in Denver to create three beers which are exclusive and unique to us and which carry meaning in their ingredients.  We have also collaborated on a fourth beer which was deigned on behalf of the 495th Fighter Squadron USAF. Details about all our beers can be found below.

Almost Home


The recipe was designed to represent the story of how James Ward earned his Victoria Cross.

On 7 July 1941, James Ward was co-pilot on a Wellington Bomber flying from RAF Feltwell, his aircraft was attacked by a German night-fighter. The attack ruptured a fuel line and caused a fire.

Sgt Ward crawled out on top of the plane,  clambered along the wing & smothered the flames with part of the engine cover. He stopped the fire spreading & saved his crew and the plane.


• An English Hop, 'Endeavour' - represents the British built Wellington bomber which James Ward flew, and his brave endeavour saving his aircraft and crew.

• Black and Light Norfolk Malt - represents the Norfolk airstrip at Feltwell where James Ward was based.

• A New Zealand Hop, 'Green Bullet'- represents the 75 New Zealand Sqdn Crew, and bullets fired in response to the German attack.

• Smoked German Red Malt - represents the fire caused by the attack of a German night fighter on James Ward's Wellington.

•  The Colour of the Beer - created by the combination of malts, represents the sunrise as the Wellington limped home to East Anglia.

•  The Taste of the Beer - intended to represent the stricken bomber lumbering home leaving a faint wisp of smoke on the palate.




Feltwellington Golden Ale


Feltwellington Golden Ale was the first beer brewed in collaboration by The Wellington Pub Feltwell and Two Rivers Brewery, Denver, Norfolk. The Beer was designed as a hoppy summer ale that was refreshing and unusual. It was launched at the 2014 Feltwell Beer Fest to a rapturous reception.


The beer represents The Wellington Pub.  It contains Norfolkian ingredients but with a twist of New Zealand containing two New Zealand hops that give it a potent and unusual pineapple and citrus fresh taste. The Wellington Pub is in Norfolk but has its roots and name very firmly rooted in a New Zealand Hero, James Ward VC, whose aircraft proudly flies on the pub sign.

Almost Home Pump Badge
Feltwellington Golden Ale Pump Badge
Over Here


The name 'Over Here' is derived from the popular phrase referring to American GIs in the UK during the Second World War, ‘Over sexed, Over paid, Over here!’, it is a transatlantic IPA style beer honouring RAF Feltwell.


The beer contains:

 American Liberty Hops – representing the current occupiers of RAF Feltwell, The 48th Fighter Wing, The Liberty Wing.

English Target Hops – Representing the radar or ‘Golf Balls’ of RAF Feltwell.

English Cluster Hops – Feltwell was a hub base for a cluster of Thor nuclear IRBM bases in the early 1960’s which were jointly operated by the UK and USA.

Norfolk Crystal Malt – representing RAF Feltwell’s location in Norfolk.

American Victory Malt – Representing the contribution RAF Feltwell made to winning World War Two; hosting the Wellingtons the pub is named after.

The pump clip design shows the flags of the UK and the USA in the background. The Statue of Liberty and the P-47 are for the 48th Fighter Wing who currently occupy RAF Feltwell.  The base’s radar domes are visible in the foreground with James Ward’s Wellington bomber flying above them.


Our thanks to Chris Lucas, CAMRA ‘Norfolk Nips’ editor, who suggested the beer’s name.

Over Here Pump Badge
Cold Iron Pump Badge
Cold Iron


Cold Iron was brewed in support of the 495th Fighter Squadron 'The Valkyries' arriving at RAF Lakenheath with F-35A Lightning fighter jets.


The beer contains:

American Liberty Hops – To representing the The 48th Fighter Wing, The Liberty Wing.

English Pilot Hops – Representing the brave aviators of the 495th.

American Warrior Hops – Celebrating the ethos of the Valkyries.

East Anglian Crystal Malt & American Victory Malts – Representing the connection between the UK & US that the 495th presence at RAF Lakenheath represents.

The label design has a number of hidden features and historical symbolism in the label, on the hilt of the Valkyrie's sword is 495 for the Squadron number.  The F-111 is the top left of the label is a genuine 495th aircraft that was stationed at RAF Lakenheath in the 1980s.  The P-47 was flown by the 495th during the Second World War.  Underneath the Valkyrie's arm is a dragon that is a nod to the 48th Component Maintenance Squadron who support the 495th's mission.

A huge thank you to the label designer; Jake Lancaster

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